Advanced Level Interview 2020

The interviews for Advanced Level Classes (Grade 12-2020)

After scrutinizing the results obtained by each applicant at G.C.E.O/L Examination 2019, a limited number of external students are called for the interviews which will be held on 25th and 26th of June 2020 from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. at Thurstan College.

Since your registration will be done on the same date after checking your eligibility, you are expected to bring the following;

1. GCE O/L result sheet downloaded from internet.

2. Your National Identity Card.

3. Certificates to prove your international/ national/ provincial level achievements in sports or other extracurricular activities (if you have any).

4. Documents to prove your engagement in extracurricular activities as a prefect/ cadet/ scout/ band member/ team member in any sport.

5. Documents which confirm your Sunday School (Buddhist/ Catholic/ Islamic/ Hindu) attendance.

6. Two long stamped envelopes.

4. Two file covers labelled with your name, address and contact number.

5. School fees and facility fees for the years 2021 and 2022 (Rs. 4500.00 per year).

As we follow safety measures from Coronavirus all students are advised for strict compliance of the following instructions:
1. The student can be accompanied by one of his parents and both of them shall mandatorily wear Masks before entering into the school premises.

2. All attendees shall mandatorily sanitize their hands during entry & exit of school premises and frequently wash their hands.

3. Avoid handshake and close contact with each other.

4. While Sneezing/Coughing cover your mouth with your bent elbow.

5. Please stick to the time slot given to you.

6. While checkup, if any symptoms of fever, flu or cough found, the respective person shall not be allowed to enter the school premises.

Pramuditha Wickramasinghe
Thurstan College - Colombo 07

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